Thunder Mounts Garage Systems
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About Thunder

Like many people I dreamed of building my own home. 

When that came true, I went to the local Home Depot to get a

Overhead garage door opener for my newly built three car garage.

There is where I decided to make something different and

cleaner then the old standard way of installing the Overhead Openers.

Coming from an electronics, aerospace and automotive background.

I could not see using (punched out angle) the standard commonly used to mount overhead doors and openers.

But that old way of mounting the garage door opener was not going to work for me.

Garage Door Installers and the Overhead Garage Door Industry has been using this
same way and materials for over 100 years.

I have never been much of a follower and I was not could not follow a practice that

for me was unevolved, ridiculous, elementary, ugly, unprofessional,

and just wrong for something heavy mounted above your head.

So I made a mount out of some metal I had laying around not knowing

then it could and would change my life and the World forever.

The first Thunder Mount prototype I made was at that first Custom home I built on

two and a half acre's of property on Three Points Road in Neenach, Ca. around 1990.

After many years of having it mounted in My house I realized that this idea could be something more.

So then I went about of researching, developing and Patenting what is now

Called "Thunder Mounts".

Thunder Mounts are the "New Modern Standard" for the 21st Century here to

Change / Upgrade/ Raise the bar to the Overhead Door Industry Standards and to

Complete Your Modern Garage the Thunder Mount Way.

I wanted to create a Real Garage Mount for Me and now You.

That's the way I felt when I decided to make

Thunder Mounts a Household name forever and ever.

The Worlds First Genuine Original Residential Vibration Isolated Multi-fit Overhead

Garage Mounts for Overhead Garage Door Openers and Overhead Garage Door Tracks.

Gustavo Thunder Estravit is the Genuine Original Creator, Inventor, Product

Developer of Thunder Mounts and Founder of Thunder Mount Garage Systems LLC.

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